Vademecum of Consumer.



General indicators of care of leather

Leather should be conserved at least once a quarter. The general principles that may be availed of at home are to wash it with a moist cloth with water and olive soap.
You should not dampen the whole product. The standard frequency of conservation amounts to 50 days of regular use. Conservation is applied with the agents provided in the instructions of conservation.

In the case of dampening (e.g. rain), it should not be dried intensively. Intensive drying should be perceived as drying the product with hot air from hairdryers, placing it on radiators, as well as in places of very high temperature.

It is possible to use glycerine, or castor oil for conservation purposes. These substances should be rubbed in delicately with the aid of a flannel or felt cloth and subsequently polish the surface to acquire a delicate gloss.

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