Which stories are the most interesting?
Probably the ones that really happened.

The idea and first drafts of the brand ARGUMENT commenced in 2016. Even then we created the views, sketches, outlines of business, which in effect several years later evolved into an independent organization. The principal value of the project is transparency and width with regard to the consumer from the viewpoint of ecology, costs that are incurred during the course of production in Poland, as well as diligence in terms of the manufacturing of goods.

In the world of consumerism, natural leather is classical and timeless material, which is availed of in multiple market sectors. Its attributes hold their own despite the increased awareness of consumers that are increasingly sensitive towards the indispensable connection of production, the suffering of animals and the associated exploitation of nature. The brand Argument decided to avail of its presence in a more ecological manner, thanks to the awareness of the client that receives an argument that declares that even leather as a raw material may become morally justified.

In effect, five models of handbags were created, which were made from leather materials that are simultaneously up to 90% of raw materials purchased from upholstery workshops, furniture, as well as all haberdashery producers. The designs of the brand Argument provide a “new lease of life’’ for pieces of materials, which on an everyday basis are directed to recycling in huge quantities, or simply disposed of in rubbish tips. The reason for disposing of tons of materials annually by leather-ware workshops is not due to the poor quality of these raw materials, but the lack of a logistical segregation of cuttings in order for them to be useful for other small dimensions of orders. The production of our goods takes place in Poland.

A very significant value of our firm is the ecological approach, thanks to the utilization of materials that had only been partially utilized up to now. The uniqueness of the area presented is increasingly the effect of the much-discussed formula of the circular economy, which appeals to both the producers, as well as the consumers to avail of the produced raw materials by up to 100%.

The brand Argument tries to be consistent in terms of its activities by means of the manufacturing of products from materials that had been cast aside for disposal, while also using cardboard boxes from recycling.

Another element of the main pillars of the brand Argument is that of price transparency with regard to the consumer – the price of each of our products is attractive from the viewpoint of its basis on market realities. We try to create our designs in order for the materials we use to be derived from selected sources. During the selection of the elements availed of in our designs, we try to make a conscious choice – as does the target group of our clients. Likewise, we try to ensure that the costs associated with the production of particular designs are transparent and clear for everyone.

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