Handbag Caviar


Our Caviar leather handbag is not only an elegant accessory, but also a statement of commitment to sustainable production and a creative approach to materials. Made from leftover leather materials, this handbag combines style with an ethical approach to fashion.

A two-compartment design with sturdy metal zippers makes our handbag not only fashionable, but also practical and perfectly organized. Each compartment offers a convenient place to store your daily essentials, while emphasizing functionality and elegance.

An added bonus is the embossed clear logo, which gives the handbag a subtle and exclusive touch. The strap, made using a zero waste method from leftover car seat belts, adds uniqueness while supporting the idea of reusing

By choosing our brand, you are not only investing in an exceptional product, but also supporting the idea of zero waste. Join our community by choosing Handbag Caviar, which not only complements your style, but also expresses concern for the environment. Handbag Caviar zero waste – because beauty can go hand in hand with a responsible approach to production.

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